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'With two young children, a job and a husband who travels a lot, I have made regular use of H Domestic's babysitting services over the past few years. I have really appreciated the high standards that H Domestic sets for this service and how the management takes a personal interest in making sure that arrangements work out. They are very swift in matching a babysitter to my requirements. The babysitters have all been well-qualified, often with lots of previous childcare experience and always call me personally to confirm arrangements. They turn up promptly and will stay late if necessary, leaving me to go out and enjoy my evening with total peace of mind. When the kids and I have particularly liked a babysitter, H Domestic has, where possible, matched us to the same babysitter again. I have regularly recommended H Domestic to my friends.' Susan Spence



There are vacancies available at a centrally located restaurant (Trumpington Road). 2/3 hours early mornings, must be completed before 8am. If interested get in touch for more details.

Constantly needing quality staff for various domestic positions in Cambridge and surrounding villages. Please fill out the form to register your details and to get updates of any openings.

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