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'Recommended by a friend we contacted H Domestic services and were so impressed we signed up immediately. We highly recommend this unique service.'

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Platinum deep weekly or one off deep clean. All cleaning products and equipment supplied by H Domestic.

Platinum is the ultimate clean using professional products and equipment on all surfaces.

H Domestic provide three service levels of clean;

  1. General weekly / one off clean (surface clean using customers products and equipment)
  2. Gold weekly / one off clean (deep clean using customers products and equipment)
  3. Platinum weekly or one off (clean deep clean using all H Domestic equipment and professional cleaning products)

If you would like to become a regular client we can offer you weekly cleaning as low as £10.25 per hour including the agency fee, please contact us.

All Areas of the property

  1. Paintwork dusted and washed down - to include skirting boards, doors and doorframes window ledges and frames.
  2. Light fittings and light shades dusted and washed.
  3. Cobwebbed throughout property including behind curtains.
  4. Sockets and switches washed.
  5. Furniture washed and polished and pulled out to clean underneath including beds, sofa, chairs, mirrors etc.
  6. Cushions taken off sofas to clean underneath.
  7. Curtain rail tracks dusted and wiped.
  8. Bins washed and cleaned.
  9. Change vacuum cleaner bag if needed.
  10. Vacuum throughout property using professional vacuum cleaner in preparation for cleaning carpets if necessary.
  11. Vacuum front door mat outside property.
  12. Internal and external windows cleaned if necessary (window cleaner needs booking if necessary).


  1. Cupboards and drawers all washed out including underneath cupboards and door fronts.
  2. Fridge / Freezer - all shelves, racks, salad trays etc - taken out and washed, dried and placed back in fridge.
  3. Fridge/freezer - pulled out, floor washed underneath including top and sides of fridge.
  4. Oven - all shelves, grill pans, rings and hob deep cleaned including pulling out oven, washing floor and sides of oven and tiled area behind oven.
  5. Washing machine washed down including drum free of mould, debris etc. and drawer taken out and cleaned.
  6. All tiled areas throughout kitchen washed down.
  7. Sink and drainer - descaled using professional descaler.
  8. Kitchen bin washed inside and out.
  9. Sink plug hold free of hair and debris.
  10. Kitchen Blinds vacuumed to remove dust and debris etc.
  11. Wash kitchen floor


  1. Deep clean and descale throughout including wc, bath, shower, mirrors and all tiled areas - using professional descaler
  2. Wash bathroom floor and walls.

All Bedrooms

  1. Dust and wash all paintwork.
  2. Feather dust all surfaces
  3. Vacuum all carpets and rugs
  4. Move bed and furniture clean and vacuum beneath.
  5. Replace all furniture.
  6. Sockets and switches cleaned.

'We were extremely pleased with the efficient, professional service provided by H Domestic Agency in finding us a permanent housekeeper. I have used London agencies in the past, but found it much more helpful to have a local Cambridge agency who knew the area. They were very pro-active and kept me fully informed throughout. They assisted in preparing the brief and then took the project over. The whole process was completely painless and I was very happy with the candidate we chose. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Agency.'

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