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'Recommended by a friend we contacted H Domestic services and were so impressed we signed up immediately. We highly recommend this unique service.'


Estate Managers

Our estate managers will be able to look after your properties and grounds whatever their size. Whether it be managing a range of household and garden staff, or overseeing the care and security of the estate's buildings, animals and motor vehicles; from devising short and long term work schedules for farm or woodland projects to controlling budgets and big events and being unfazed by the unexpected arrival of your children's extra guests, our estate managers will ensure that your domestic world runs as smoothly as possible.

Because of the complexity and commitment required of these positions, the estate manager would usually be provided with accommodation.


'We were extremely pleased with the efficient, professional service provided by H Domestic Agency in finding us a permanent housekeeper. I have used London agencies in the past, but found it much more helpful to have a local Cambridge agency who knew the area. They were very pro-active and kept me fully informed throughout. They assisted in preparing the brief and then took the project over. The whole process was completely painless and I was very happy with the candidate we chose. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Agency.'