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Criminal Records Checks

It is now H Domestic company policy that any candidate seeking work through our organisation requires Criminal Record Bureau Enhanced Disclosure or a foreign equivalent such as an EU Certificate of Good Conduct, or an application actively in progress.

We wish to give our clients complete peace of mind that the candidates we introduce have been assessed as suitable to work with children and that they have not been convicted of an offence of dishonesty.

Criminal Record Checks

In the UK the term: 'Police Check' has now been replaced by: 'Disclosure'. A Disclosure is a document containing information held by the police and government departments. It enables organisations to check the background of job applicants to ensure that they do not have a history that would make them unsuitable for the post they are wanting to fill.

There are three types of Disclosure: Basic, Standard and Enhanced. Only an Enhanced Disclosure is in depth enough for work involving unsupervised contact with children.

Enhanced Disclosure

An Enhanced Disclosure provides details of a person's criminal record including convictions (spent and unspent), cautions, reprimands and any warnings held on the police national computer. It is the most comprehensive and appropriate check and gives thorough information on all records held PNC, local police files, DH and DfES. List 99, POCA list (Protection of Children Act) and the POVA list (Protection of Vulnerable Adults). These are lists of Adults deemed NOT suitable to work with Children, but may not have been prosecuted.

Under the Protection of Children Act 1999 and the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000, it is an offence for any organisation to offer employment that involves regular contact with young people under the age of 18 to anyone who has been convicted of certain specified offences or included on lists of people considered unsuitable for such work held by the Department of Health and Department for Education and Skills.


'The babysitting service provided by H Domestic has been truly liberating. The babysitters have been prompt, professional, experienced and extremely capable. We have been able to go out secure in the knowledge that our children are safe and happy.' Helen Pratt

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